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    Thursday, January 12th, 2012
    5:30 pm
    5:03 pm
    Bisexual, no real preference but has been with women more than men. Polyamourous.
    Widowed, currently single, not looking for anything serious (his mind can be changed on that, but not immediately).
    Threading and customs only. Ask - he doesn't bite unless he's asked to.
    Switch. Likes playing both the dom and the sub sides.
    Likes - cunnilingus, rimming, blow jobs, anal, bondage, roleplay, Daddy kink (usually with him as the Daddy but he isn't opposed to the other side, just doesn't tend to meet many people who want that from him), public sex, remote controlled toys (controlled or controlling, depeneding on the person he's with), phone sex, cyber sex. Ask for more.
    Dislikes - scat, violence except in certain roleplay scenes, non con most of the time even in a scene.
    Negotiable - water sports, blood play, cutting, non con roleplay (very rarely negotiable but it can happen). Roleplay as specific characters he's played - he doesn't do that for just anyone. Also limited to the films I've actually seen of his.

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